A21 is a destination for anyone in love with cocktails & bars. Over a decade of passion to Nordic ingredients & fresh flavours is poured into original cocktails that serve every evening. A21 has been awarded as one of best bars in the world, which we think is matter of taste but still believe A21 is worth a special visit. Warmly welcome for an evening to remember!

A21 specializes in Nordic flavours and our Signature list Suomi - Finland is a definite recommendation. We also share a walk down the memory lane with our classic sections, which is inspired by past decades, the feelings, drinks, cocktails and tastes and sharing those memories. In this section we have taken the task to revive oldies and goldies from different decades as the “best of collection” and made them as they were originally made and also with A21 style. 

Urban ambiance, relaxed atmosphere and cocktails to remember

Are you also in love with Gin & Tonics? Our extensive Gin & Tonic laboratory showcases different ways of building a perfect gin and tonic. All Gin & Tonics are served in legendary Spanish balloon glasses. We also serve New York style Boilermakers -combinations of craft beer and carefully selected spirit that are enjoyed together.

We wanted to also honour our own heritage with Nordic cocktails which have been inspired by the pure Finnish nature and our local culture. When summer turns to Autumn its time to move from Sex on the Beach to Sex in the Forest! See you at the bar.

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What is a perfect Gin & Tonic?

Come and figure it out in our lab. We offer different kinds of spices, fruits, gins and tonics. Our menu is like a board game - Are you ready to play? We encourage you to try it out in a group and find out the secret of a perfect Gin & Tonic.

We have the perfect tools: authentic G&T balloon glasses, premium ice, best gins, variety of spices, citrus fruits and a selection of premium tonic waters.


Nordic ingredients and culture combined in a modern way of implementing cocktails. A21 Essentials section covers our famous house classics. Taste the Finnish berries in Suomen Neito, Birch tree in Koivu 3.0 or experience the taste of the forest in Sex in the Forest.

A21 Boilermaker imported from New York

Boilermaker, also known as a beer cocktail, is a new up and coming trend in NYC. It combines craft beers with a carefully selected spirit. Combining beer and for example certain whiskey creates an intriguing combination enjoyed either separately or mixed together. We have a wide range of craft beers and boilermakers to go with them from traditional Finnish Jallu to exotic sake. Welcome to come and experiment with beer.


A21 Decades is a warm urban space where time flies. The space itself is split into two separate rooms. The main bar area is built around a restored old brick wall and the back room has lounge seatings for groups. Main bar fits nicely 60 people and the back lounge 25-30 people. The lounge can also be used as a private room with a closing door. Both rooms have their own sound systems and video projectors. We have hosted multiple events in the past from fashion shows to products launches and private birthday parties.


A21 organises continuously cocktail schools and different kinds of tasting events. The most popular event is our cocktail school where participants get to learn and make cocktails under guidance of top bartenders. The idea of our cocktail school is to have fun, learn basic information about cocktails, methods of making them and few words about their history. Everyone gets behind the actual bar to make drinks! Cocktail school works as pre-dinner activity, corporate event, team building event and also for bachelor or bachelorette parties. It works in any occasion! Send us an email for more information.


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